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Your donation to Politics Code Blue isn’t just a gift; it’s a statement, a protest, your voice. Now, more than ever, it’s clear we need to band together to defeat Trump and save democracy. We can’t allow our country to be taken over by MAGA hate and disinformation.

Politics Code Blue is your firewall against misinformation. It’s your beacon in the darkness. It’s your chance to help revive American democracy.

Our journalism, writing, podcast, videos, and sparks of much-needed humor are totally independent and totally for you. Help us keep going by donating any amount to help fund our work.

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Fuels Investigative Journalism

Your contribution allows us to deeply investigate stories exposing corruption and holding the powerful accountable.

Powers Diverse Voices

Politics Code Blue is proud to have a diverse group of talented and passionate contributors who share a common goal to defeat MAGA and help preserve democracy.

Keeps Us Thriving

PCB is a labor of love and a commitment to helping shape this country into what it should be. We’re here to do everything we can, and absolutely any amount helps keep us going and enables us to reach a larger audience.

Advocates for Progressive Policies

From healthcare to women’s rights, to social justice, to climate justice, your support helps us advocate for policies that matter. Be part of the change you wish to see.

How Your Donation is Used

Every dollar goes towards quality journalism, content, and diverse voices. You’re helping fund people, tech, and outreach so Politics Code Blue can make a huge impact. Your support is more than a donation; it’s an investment in a better future.